How To Edit A Song In Itunes?

How to edit a song in itunes? Just follow these simple steps. 1) Open the iTunes application and go to Edit menu then select Preferences. 2) Select General from the left-hand column of the window that opens up on your screen. 3) Uncheck “Keep iTunes Music folder organized” option, check “Copy files when adding to… Continue reading How To Edit A Song In Itunes?

How To Play Spotify On Peloton?

Spotify represents the future of entertainment, allowing users to stream their favorite songs or albums with a WiFi connection. But if you’re looking for something more than Spotify’s basic functions–say an offline playlist or custom workout music–you’ll need to join Peloton. Can you play your own Music on peloton? Unfortunately, Peloton does not allow users… Continue reading How To Play Spotify On Peloton?

How To Print From Macbook Air?

The MacBook Air has a built-in printer that can be used without needing any extra hardware. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to use, though, as you will need both software and knowledge of how to properly configure the printer in order to print anything more than test pages. How do I enable AirPrint? AirPrint is… Continue reading How To Print From Macbook Air?

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