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How Drake Has Taken to New Heights in the Social Gaming World


Drake is the most famous rapper on the planet.

It’s also no secret that he’s a big online gambling fan.

Since 2020, Drake is believed to have wagered over $1 billion on sports wagers and online casino games.

The vast majority of these bets have been placed through, a social casino that Drake officially announced a partnership with a couple of years ago.

The rest is history.

The Rise of and Drake’s Influence

Since the Drake x Stake partnership began, has reached new heights.

  • Over 600,000 Americans have now created accounts with the site, with many of these sign-ups coming from Drake’s live streams
  • Stake players placed a total of 987,785,616 bets on online casino games in February 2024

If you missed them, Drake has done several gambling live streams recently via and Twitch.

During these live streams, Drake spent several hours playing different casino games on (where there are currently over 1,000 games to enjoy).

For anyone who caught these streams, it’s clear that Drake has a strong passion for roulette, where a single spin saw him win $17 million. Another roulette spin also saw him win close to $11 million, too.

On top of this, Drake has played online slot games like Sugar Rush Xmas and Zeus Vs Hades Gods of War, both of which he bet thousands of dollars on during his last Kick stream.

Drake’s current viewership record on Kick is 141,356. Because these streams gather so much attention, it drives countless people to go ahead and sign-up with

Because Drake is an official partner of (who are rumoured to pay him $100 million per year as part of the sponsorship deal), it means that they can use Drake in their marketing content, which is a guaranteed recipe for success.

Why Signing Drake Has Been So Successful for

By signing Drake back in 2021, has been able to:

✔️ Boost its brand credibility

✔️ Attract thousands of new customers

✔️ Give online gambling a more positive reputation


Remember, Drake is a household name who has sold over 170 million records worldwide. He also has excellent PR and is seen as a one of the “good guys” in the industry, so having his name attached to any brand is a safe bet (pardon the pun).

The analysis on Gamble USA goes into more detail surrounding the evolution of the platform, especially since the Drake partnership came to fruition. You can learn how to get your daily login bonuses, enter tournaments, and more, so it’s all helpful information.

How Does Work? is what you call a “social casino”.

Once you create an account, you gain access to its casino catalogue of over 1,000 games.

When it comes to these games, you have two options:

  1. Play for free using GOLD COINS
  2. Play for real prizes using STAKE CASH

If you decide to play using STAKE CASH, then there’s the opportunity to win gift cards, cryptocurrencies, merchandise, and even real money.

For instance, if you decided to play one of Stake’s slot games and won lots of STAKE CASH , you’d then be able to redeem your STAKE CASH for any of the available prizes. This is quite a common practice at most online social casinos — not just


If you want to join in the hype and play some of the casino games that Drake has recently been enjoying, then you can easily sign-up with today or one of the countless other social casinos on the internet.


Remember, social casinos provide you with the opportunity to chat with other players, climb leaderboards, and (most importantly) win real prizes, so there’s a lot to be excited about.