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Why Do Players Leave Online Casinos and Never Come Back?


There are billions of dollars that online casino operators invest in ads. They do it to make their player base bigger and bigger. However, it may be cheaper to invest in retaining loyal players. The challenge is that even loyal players may leave and never come back.

Numerous online casino platforms lose a lot of players. Modern players create accounts, play a couple of times, and something makes them leave the platform. Why does it happen? Today players have a great variety of gaming content, and they want to try new games and experiences. It means that sooner or later, they will leave.

Some exceptional platforms like Lucky Dreams Casino do their utmost to keep their players happy and satisfied. How do they do that? That’s the question.

You can do your research to find new ways of keeping players on the platform. However, it can also be reasonable to pay closer attention to the problem your platform might have. Let’s find out about the reasons for client attrition.

Why Do Players Leave?

The most frustrating thing is that players can leave at any period and time. Online casino operators should monitor all indicators. There may be something that discourages players in the very beginning. That’s quite normal when players don’t like how the platform looks and works. However, some players leave after a significant amount of time. Whenever a platform loses a loyal player, that should be the first red flag for online casino platforms.

Here are the things that discourage users to stay longer:

Tech-Related Problems

●    Hard to sign in. Everybody would love it if they could miss all the registration forms. However, that’s impossible in the iGaming industry since players not only need to sign in but also attach their IDs. Lots of players leave at that stage if the form doesn’t properly work. Everything should run like clockwork.

●    Payment errors. It’s all about money. How many times do you deal with players who can’t make payments? If there’s a significant number of such players, why would they want to stay on your platform?


Gamblers are not the most patient people on the planet. They may forgive one payment error. But next time, they will just leave.

Gaming Adventure

●    Unattractive bonuses. Even if you’re not a player, there’s a great chance that you’ll see casino ads with their bonuses and promotions. Lots of people get hooked by such ads. However, there are tons of online casino platforms, and various operators offer different bonuses. Thus, if your promotions and bonuses are not attractive enough, it can be a reason why players go to other competitors.

●    Lack of personalization. Personalization has become a thing across all industries. E-commerce websites and other businesses try to do their utmost to personalize every client’s experience. They use AI and other tools to take into account customer preferences. Some online casino platforms analyze players’ behavior and offer unique bonuses and promotions. If your players don’t feel special, they will leave sooner or later.

●    The variety of games does not meet the market demand. Everybody likes classic casino games. Nonetheless, there will always be the desire for something new and unknown. However, the selection of new games cannot be random. There’s market demand which you should take into account. If you don’t understand what your audience wants to play, there’s no way you’ll keep your loyal players.

User Experience

●    Poor player support. It’s obvious that, at some point, players will need help with some issues. Fortunately, they don’t need to stand in lines to wait for a customer specialist. They just need to open a chat and ask. However, not all customer support chats work 24/7. It can become a disaster in the long run. If there’s no round-the-clock player assistance, there will be more and more unsatisfied customers.


●    Difficult navigation. The way site sections are located shouldn’t be a puzzle for players. The whole navigation experience should be a piece of cake for everybody who enters the platform. If it takes more than a couple of seconds for players to find what they want, they will give a chance to other platforms.


All the money that online casino operators invest in ads can go to waste if something is wrong with their platform. Even the slightest issue can trigger player churn. Before you make more ads, make sure that your platform is impeccable.