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All The Secrets Of Shooting And Choosing Agents For Winning Apex Legends Matches


Apex is one of the most famous projects in the battle royale genre, which, in addition to PUBG, contributed to the popularization of the genre in the e-sports tournaments section.

The project from EA Games is characterized by increased dynamics and quick passage of matches, due to the large number of weapons and many skills that can be used to destroy opponents.

All your actions that will take place during the match – killing enemies and survival – will depend on the outcome of the battle and your apex ranked boosting.

Beginning Of The Game

While the match has not started and all the players have not yet boarded the plane, you will have time to practice shooting and moving. Professional players call this calling when they feel the sight and any hero they have chosen for their gameplay.

When the timer reaches zero, all players will move into the plane and fly over the game map.

Drop Off Points

When the plane flies over the game map, you yourself will choose the moment at which you should begin your landing.

You need to carefully monitor when the largest number of players begin landing and then decide for yourself whether you want dynamic battles or a more pragmatic and safe landing.

If you want quick battles, then land with everyone else, look for weapons and equipment, and enter the battle to kill as many enemies as possible and survive as long as possible, thereby ensuring yourself a boost in Apex Legends.

If you often die and kill enemies, then you will develop shooting and the ability to quickly search for weapons, which will have a positive effect on your gameplay in the future, but frequent losses in matches can lead to the loss of your rank in Apex Legends.


If you want more stable and safe gameplay, then you need to choose a landing point where there will be minimal competition and, at the same time, avoid the edges of the map because there may be too much distance on them, and you will risk coming under fire from other players while moving.

It will be better if you choose zones in which you can safely get starting weapons and be ready for battle so that while holding your position, you wait until the first narrowing of the playing area occurs and you understand in which direction the further narrowing of the playing arena will occur.

Weapons And Equipment

At the very beginning, you need to find containers with any weapons and ammunition that turn up for you after landing on the Apex Legends game map.

You can find a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, assault and sniper rifle, and ammunition for them.

At the very beginning of the match, it doesn’t matter to you what you will play with because it is important for you to protect yourself, but in the future, it is better to give priority to assault and sniper weapons, which will help in battles and battles at any distance.

The pistol and shotgun cannot fully withstand assault weapons at long distances, so they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Look for Legendary quality weapons because they have higher damage and fire rates than Mythic and Normal quality items.

You will need accessories that can improve your shooting.

Look for scopes because they will help you scout and detect enemies in advance and better aim at your opponents and attack them even while moving.

You need a silencer or flash suppressor that will help disguise your firing point and allow you to attack for a few seconds without the risk of a retaliatory fight.

A stabilizer will help you, which adds accuracy when shooting from any position.

You will need grenades because they are an important tool for holding off or luring opponents out of cover.

Look for medicines and armor modules that will help you restore resources after any battle and continue your movement along the game map and boosting in Apex Legends.

Game Map Phases

The first stage will be the most dynamic and active because, on a fairly small map, many players will fight and gradually eliminate each other.

Then the first contraction of the game map will begin, to which all players must react, and the reduction will begin at a random point so that none of the players can predict it.

Next, the zone will continue to narrow in several intervals, and all players must be within its radius. Otherwise, they will lose health.

It is important to take a defensive position in the zone to try to eliminate players who are in a hurry to run into the safe zone.


The last stage will be the most interesting because the area will narrow down to the arena, and all players must carefully shoot each other until only one player remains, who will receive a rank boost in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends has an agent system where, in addition to small arms and all weapons, you can choose a unique character with skills that will complement your gameplay.

You can choose agents with a focus on damage, defense, support, reconnaissance, or stealth.


These are heroes who can significantly help their allies without losing their attack potential, and at the same time, they will be useful for themselves.

Lifeline is a character and field medic who can create health kits and use a drone to support herself and regenerate allies who have been knocked down in battle.

Octane is a hero that will be fairly easy for most beginners to pick up. He can restore his health whenever he is not in combat. Ego can be classified as defense, because he always has the resources to continue the battle and can absorb some of the damage, protecting his allies from damage, but the main thing is not to overdo it, because all heroes have a health threshold.


Gibraltar is a hero who has two types of shields. The first one is activated while aiming and helps you protect yourself while shooting.

The second is circular and protects everyone who is in its dome from damage.

The last skill is an attack skill, which allows you to direct artillery fire at enemies to destroy them in cover and in open areas.