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Popular Strikers in Serie a You Need on Your FC 24 Team


You’re a seasoned FC 24 player who lives and breathes Serie A. As the new season kicks off, you’re itching to assemble the ultimate Serie A squad to dominate your friends online. But with new transfers shaking things up, you’re wondering who the must-have Serie A players are this year. To give your squad a boost, we’ve rounded up the top Serie A talents that you need to get your hands on in FC 24. From midfield maestros to goal-scoring phenoms, these players will take your Serie A team to the next level. With our guide, you’ll know exactly which Serie A superstars to target in your next pack opening or transfer window. Let’s dive in and build your unstoppable FC 24 Serie A team.

Popular Strikers in Serie a You Need on Your FC 24 Team

Cristiano Ronaldo (Piemonte Calcio)

The living legend may be aging, but he’s still one of the most lethal finishers in FIFA. His combination of pace, dribbling, and clinical finishing will score you loads of goals. Pick him up if you want a proven winner on your team.

Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan)

Lukaku is an absolute beast up front with his size, strength, and speed. It’s nearly impossible for defenders to push off the ball and consistently find the back of the net. For his attributes and goal-scoring record, he’s a bargain in FC 24.

Ciro Immobile (Lazio)

If you’re looking for a consistent goal scorer at a lower price point, Immobile is your man. He’s hit the 20-goal mark in Serie A for the past three seasons running. While not the flashiest player, he has a keen eye for goals and the ability to be in the right place at the right time. For his price, he’ll deliver great value.

Paulo Dybala (Piemonte Calcio)

The crafty Argentine playmaker can score goals in bunches when on form. His combination of dribbling, passing, and long-range shooting makes him a nightmare for defenses to contain. Although he can be inconsistent, when he’s on his game there are few better in Serie A. Take a chance on the high-risk, high-reward Dybala.

With attackers like these leading your line, you’ll have no trouble finding the back of the net. Now get out there and start building your dream FC 24 squad!

Serie a Midfielders to Control the Pitch in FC 24

If you want to dominate the midfield in FC 24, you need players who can both create and prevent chances. Some of the best Serie A midfielders for controlling play are:

Luis Alberto (Lazio)

With 93 passing and 4-star skills, Luis Alberto will thread through balls to your forwards all day. His 86 dribbling means he can beat defenders 1v1, opening up space for teammates. For under 20k coins, he’s a steal.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio)

SMS is a complete midfielder who can do it all. With 90 passing and 88 physicality, he’s able to play box-to-box, assisting in attack and defense. His height also makes him a threat on set pieces. If you can afford his 100k+ price tag, he’s worth every coin.

Marcelo Brozovic (Inter Milan)

Brozovic is one of the most well-rounded CMs in Serie A. With 90 stamina, 89 short passing, and 86 interceptions, he’ll control the tempo in your midfield for the full 90. His high/high work rates mean he’s active on both sides of the ball. For under 50k, Brozovic is a bargain.

If you want to dominate matches through the middle of the park, any of these Serie A maestros would be a great addition to your squad. With their combination of skills, physicality and work rates, they’ll give your midfield the kind of control that wins championships. Now get out there and start conducting the play!

Defensive Beasts – Serie a Center Backs to Solidify Your FC 24 Defense

Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli)

A towering presence at 6’5”, Koulibaly is one of the best center backs in Europe. His strength, speed and aerial ability make him nearly unbeatable. Partner him with a quicker CB and your defense will be set. His 84 rating in FC 24 is a steal for a player of his quality.

Alessio Romagnoli (AC Milan)

Still only 25, Romagnoli has developed into one of Serie A’s most consistent defenders. He reads the game well and is strong in the tackle, with enough pace to handle speedy wingers. His 83 rating in FC 24 will likely increase in future versions as he enters his prime. For a budget option, Romagnoli is a great choice.

Francesco Acerbi (Lazio)

Despite Lazio’s occasional defensive struggles, Acerbi has been a standout. At 32, he brings experience and leadership to stabilize your back line. While not the quickest, his positioning and aerial ability make up for it. His 82 rating in FC 24 is an accurate reflection of his abilities and he won’t break the bank. Acerbi would do the job for a short-term solution.


Other Serie A center-backs to consider for your FC 24 squad include Inter’s Stefan de Vrij (84 ratings), Fiorentina’s German Pezzella (82 ratings), and Torino’s Armando Izzo (81 ratings). With a wealth of quality options, you’ll have no trouble finding center backs to anchor your defense this season.

Talented Wingers and Fullbacks From Serie a to Bomb Down the Flanks in FC 24

Fullbacks and wingers from Serie A are renowned for their speed, dribbling and crossing abilities. If you want to play an attacking style in FC 24, load up on talented wide players from Italy.

Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina)

Chiesa is one of the fastest players in Serie A and a nightmare for defenses. His 96 pace and 89 dribbling will allow you to breeze past opponents and deliver crosses into the box. Although he’s best out wide, he can also play up front.

Robin Gosens (Atalanta)

This German left back has emerged as one of the best in Serie A. He’s a dynamic attacking fullback with 90 pace and 88 physicality. Gosens bombs up and down the flank, delivering pinpoint crosses to strikers. His 83 defending means he can also lock down opponents.

Achraf Hakimi (Inter Milan)

Hakimi is arguably the best right back in Serie A. His blazing 96 pace makes him nearly unstoppable, and he has the skills (89 dribbling) to beat defenders one-on-one. Although Hakimi starts as a fullback, his attacking abilities mean he often ends up playing like a winger. His 86 passing and crossing will lead to goals galore.

Theo Hernández (AC Milan)

Hernández has emerged as one of the top left backs in Serie A. He has 88 pace to burn opponents, but also excels going forward with 89 dribbling and 85 passing. Hernández bombs up the left wing, delivering dangerous crosses and scoring goals from distance. Although his 81 defending can be shaky at times, his attacking contributions make up for any defensive lapses.

With players like these patrolling your flanks, you’ll be whipping in crosses and scoring goals in no time. Defenses won’t know how to handle the pace, skill and attacking threat these Serie A wingers and fullbacks pose in FC 24.

Hidden Gems – Underrated Serie a Players Perfect for Your FC 24 Squad

Ciro Immobile

Lazio’s striker, Ciro Immobile, is a goal-scoring machine in Serie A but remains underrated in FC 24. With an overall rating of 84, Immobile should be higher on your list. His positioning and finishing abilities make him lethal in front of goal. For under 10,000 coins, Immobile is a steal.

Luis Alberto

Lazio’s midfielder Luis Alberto is one of the most undervalued playmakers in FC 24. Although rated only 82 overall, Alberto’s vision, passing and dribbling make him play well above his stats. His 5-star weak foot means he can create chances from anywhere. Partner him with Immobile up front for a deadly duo.

Gianluca Mancini

Roma’s center back Gianluca Mancini is a rock solid yet affordable defender. With 80 pace and 85 defending, Mancini is ideal for any Serie A squad. His height, strength and aggression make him a nightmare for opponents. For under 5,000 coins, Mancini is a bargain.

Cristian Ansaldi

Torino’s left-back, Cristian Ansaldi, is a pacey fullback who flies under the radar. Although 33 years old, Ansaldi still has enough speed to keep up with most wingers. With 85 paces and 80 dribbling, Ansaldi can surge up and down the left flank. His high attacking work rate means he’ll often get into good crossing positions. All this for just 1,500 coins makes Ansaldi a steal.

While superstars like Ronaldo and Dybala may grab the headlines, smart players know Serie A has a wealth of underrated talents waiting to be discovered. Build a team around these hidden gems and you’ll have a squad to rival the best in FC 24.

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So there you have it, the Serie A players you absolutely need in your FC 24 squad this season. From proven superstars like Ronaldo to exciting young talents like Tonali, Serie A offers a wealth of talent to strengthen your team. Just imagine the damage Dybala and Lautaro could do up front together or how solid De Ligt would be anchoring your defense. And don’t sleep on some of the classic Serie A icons that are still going strong like Chiellini. With these players leading your FC 24 side, you’ll have what it takes to dominate your friends and climb to the top of the online leaderboards. The only question is, which of these world-class Serie A stars will you choose first?