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Upload Videos on Tiktok

Hereafter you are going to learn how to upload videos on Tiktok. So have a look on this article for detailed information about it.

TikTok is previously known as, it is social media app which was launched in China in September 2016 and after that was changed into TikTok in 2016. In the same way it is a social media app where you can create videos by editing with your own creative ideas and upload these videos on this app. Later on, you can share it to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. With Tiktok users can share their creative video content with more than 500 million of TikTok users.

how to add videos on tiktok?

There are two ways to add videos on Tik Tok. First one is through your mobile phone which you can use while recording a video and second way is through your desktop, here you need to install an application named as Webcam recorder in order to record the video. Afterwards upload it directly from this app, for that just click on upload button.

In the mobile app, you can open your camera and record a video. Then click on upload button. In this way your video will be added to Tiktok. If you want to add a video from outside the mobile application, then follow this method: For that first download webcam recorder from Google Play Store or App Store according to your mobile device. Now open it and click on camera icon in order to start recording. After that click on the stop button when you are done with your recording process.

What is TikTok ?

TikTok is a social media app in which you can share your videos with lots of people. So it becomes one of the best apps out there in market for creative video making. It also provides various features to its users like you are allowed to create music clips according to different beats, edit them and then upload on Tik Tok.

How to make videos on TikTok ?

If you are acquainted with video making, then there is no need of any help because it is simple and easy. But for beginners, they can follow these steps in order to create stunning videos on Tik Tok: Firstly select the beat that you want to record your video after that click on next option. After that click on record button which will capture your video. In the end, you can edit this video as per your requirement and at last upload it on Tik Tok.

The benefits of having a TikTok account

Tik Tok users can easily attract others with their creative videos. They can also join different groups and communities here so they can share their ideas, advice etc. Moreover Tik Tok is available for almost all devices either it is a smartphone or laptop/PC, you just need to download the app on your device then create an account and start uploading your videos. Tik Tok provides a huge exposure to its users due to having millions of users on the app.

Tik Tok also gives an opportunity to its users where they can create their channel for long-term business, career growth etc. In order to make your channel you just need go through the following steps: Firstly open the app and then click on ‘Profile’ option. Now click on ‘Videos’. In this step, you need to type your channel name in the given field. After that select a suitable category from the list according to your videos. Then add an appealing profile photo for your channel in order to attract users.


Now a day social media apps are very popular all over the world. Tik Tok is one of them in which lots of people upload their creative videos. So if you have a smartphone then there is no need to waste your time just download this app and be a part of it.