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Find out more about the new backup for UserGems

usergems aibased 20m ventureslundentechcrunch

Usergems is a B2B (Business-to-Business) SaaS (Software as a Service) company that enables businesses to connect easily with customers in an interactive and personalized way.

The company has recently been backed by some of the leading venture capital firms in Europe, such as VenturesLunden and TechCrunch, with a total of 20 million series investment.

They aim to build a powerful platform for business-customer communication and engagement.

Overview of Usergems

Usergems is a Swedish fintech startup building a digital platform for business-to-business payments. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Henrik Möllersten, Eric Olofsson, and Paul Jenssen, the three founders sought to create a universal payments platform to streamline B2B payments processes—reducing manual labor and providing more accurate accounting when settling accounts or managing receivables. Launched in 2017, Research and Markets data shows Usergem’s transparency of merchant and consumer finance flows was immediately successful—leading to the company’s growth into its current presence across 30 European countries and providing users access to more than 150 payment methods.

Usergems’ success is reflected in the investment it has attracted from some of the leading venture capital firms in Europe, including Ventureslunden, whose initial seed “Series A” round valued Usergems at €20 million. Combined with independent investments from tech partners such as Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and other Nordic investors, the continued success of Usergems reflects investor confidence—with Oliver Fordham (techCrunch columnist) describing the business as “a trailblazer on ‘frictionless’ payments.”

Overview of the VC firms involved

Usergems has recently announced the successful completion of their $20M series A venture round. The funding was led by VenturesLUND, with participation from existing and new investors including TechCrunch50 and some of Europe’s top venture capital firms.

This new round of funding will allow Usergems to expand their user base, reach out to develop further partnerships in the region and continue to strengthen its foothold in the business-to-business market.

VenturesLUND is a leading European seed fund established by prominent venture capitalists in 2017 to invest in disruptive digital technologies. As part of the Usergems partnership, they have injected $10M into the company’s Series A round. In addition to VentureLUND, investors that participated in this latest round include TechCrunch50, an active investor and accelerator specializing in early-stage companies, as well as Inventure Capital Partners, Nauta Capital and some of Europe’s top venture capital firms.

With the additional capital secured from these elite partners, Usergems is set to accelerate its growth objectives with plans for innovations and expansion into other key markets within Europe. This marks an exciting stage for both companies as they join forces for pushing forward innovation endeavors around mobile technology as well as other verticals related to mobile services.

Usergems’ Business Model

Usergems is a platform that enables companies to connect with freelance talent for software development and product design. It has been backed by some of the leading venture capital firms in Europe, securing a 20 million series A round to fuel its growth and development.

Let’s dive into Usergems’ business model and understand how it works.

usergems aibased b2b 20m series ventureslundentechcrunch

How Usergems works

Usergems is a market research platform that connects professionals to verified, experienced multi-disciplinary professionals. Users can efficiently outsource projects, post tasks and collaborate with experts. Usergems allows customers to connect with top professionals from various disciplines, including business development, marketing, technology and legal services.

Usergems’ platform offers several advantages over traditional outsourced hiring solutions which include:

Seamless network of experienced talent – Usergems sources first-class candidates for freelance projects or fill specialist positions without intermediaries.

Concise project setup – You can search for and find the best available talent swiftly and at lower costs than other recruitment solutions.

Simplified transaction process – All aspects of the transaction are managed within the platform so you don’t have to contend with paperwork or long conversations.

Secure payment processing – Usergems uses a secure payment processing system so businesses never have to worry about their information or data getting into the wrong hands.

Continual control – Businesses always keep track of all interactions between parties through

feedback ratings and ongoing communication during each task achievement process.

Flexible pricing plan – Through Usergem’s user friendly subscription plan, businesses are offered an attractive pricing model tailored to their needs.

Usergems makes it easy for anyone worldwide to collaborate on business projects in real time while still maintaining tight control over every aspect from recruiting new talent to managing payments with ease.

usergems aibased b2b 20m craft ventureslundentechcrunch

Usergems b2b 20m series ventureslundentechcrunch

Usergems provides businesses with a suite of tools to improve customer experiences. Its convenient service-level agreements make it easy for businesses to quickly scale their user experience capabilities. With Usergems, businesses can access powerful analytics and insights, increase customer engagement, drive conversion and growth rates, and improve performance.

The core of the Usergems product is its user engagement dashboard, which provides insights into how customers interact with a company’s products and services. This includes tracking how often customers use different app features, how fast they accomplish tasks, how they interact with various elements of the app interface, and more. These insights help companies identify areas where they can make improvements that will result in better customer experiences — such as introducing new features that are especially attractive to users or launching marketing campaigns directed at particular customer segments.

Other key features include:

Automated triggers to send personalized messages based on customer behavior;

The ability to create comprehensive user profiles;

Real-time analysis that helps uncover areas for optimization;

A sophisticated segmentation tool that allows companies tailor content and reach specific audiences;

Comprehensive A/B testing capabilities for creating the best possible experiences;

Advanced targeting tools to reach customers in real-time;

Automated push notifications for delivering timely information directly to users’ devices;

Combining these services makes Usergems an essential tool for any business looking to maximize user experience while improving their bottom line over time.

usergems aibased 20m series ventureslundentechcrunch

VC Firms Supporting Usergems

Usergems, an enterprise software company, has seen strong success and growth in the European market. This growth has been supported by several venture capital firms, all of whom have provided funding to the company.

Let’s look closer at who is backing Usergems and what that might mean for the company going forward.

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