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The new iPad Pro features – A new Magic Keyboard

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The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020) with the A12X Bionic chip is a powerful mobile computer capable of conquering demanding tasks. Furthermore, the latest iPad Pro also comes with a completely redesigned Liquid Retina XDR display and magnetic Magic Keyboard accessory, making it easier to type and use for longer periods.

This guide will offer an overview of the different features and specifications available on the new iPad Pro 2020 model including the powerful performance, robust compound design and incredible versatility offered by its components.

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro has Liquid Retina XDR display with eye-watering specs

Apple’s new iPad Pro is packed with many stunning design elements. It comes with the new Magic Keyboard, designed to be comfortable and precise.

The Liquid Retina XDR display has outstanding specs, giving users a great visual experience.

Let’s look at the iPad Pro’s design in more detail.

Liquid Retina XDR display

The iPad Pro has a Liquid Retina XDR display offering spec lovers more than enough to go wild over. With its maximum brightness of 1600 nits, 1 million-to-1 contrast ratio, and P3 wide color gamut, it promises stunningly crisp and vibrant visuals.

The powerful Liquid Retina XDR display has rounded edges that add to the immersive experience, while minimizing distractions. It also includes an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and improves outdoor viewing. And with True Tone technology, it automatically adjusts the white balance onscreen to better match the surrounding environment.

The iPad Pro’s Liquid Retina XDR display is a major reason why Apple calls it the “most advanced and powerful iPad” ever created – perfect for creative professionals or anyone who needs an extra computing boost without sacrificing style or performance.

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A12Z Bionic Chip

The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro packs the A12Z Bionic chip, the first 8-core chip. It delivers powerful performance and advanced graphics capabilities to professional apps and games.

This chip features a 4-core GPU that provides up to 5x faster graphics performance than the previous generation and an integrated Neural Engine with a total of 16 cores — 8 for performance tasks, and 8 for power efficiency tasks — allowing it to efficiently handle ML workloads up to 11 times faster than the previous generation, enabling more advanced machine learning (ML) experiences.

The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro also has other new features that make it perfect for graphic design professionals such as its Liquid Retina XDR display with 2160 by 1620 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), a True Tone display that dynamically adjusts white balance as needed, 1 million:1 contrast ratio, a P3 wide color gamut, up to 600 nits peak brightness and up to 1200 nits full-screen HDR brightness, making this device perfect for photorealistic image editing or creating content with stunning detail in vivid color spaces on its large edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display.

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5G cellular connectivity

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro features a new Magic Keyboard that supports Apple’s touchpad input and provides high precision and speed. Additionally, the tablet can now be fitted with Apple’s 5G cellular connectivity for faster mobile broadband speeds. This should allow users to benefit from improved data access speeds and the ability to stream HD video along with online gaming and other services at much quicker rates while on the go. Both Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 also come standard with this iPad Pro, making it highly compatible with a wide range of devices and accessories.

With support for over 1TB of storage space, this model has ample capacity for storing large media files such as music, movies, photos, documents, and more. Additionally, its Liquid Retina XDR display includes industry-leading specifications like 20 million pixels on the 12.9″ screen and True Tone technology for accurate color reproduction that looks gorgeous from any viewing angle.

The iPad Pro offers users an amazing experience no matter how they choose to use it—at home or out in the world.

Magic Keyboard

The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been released, and one of its key features is the Magic Keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard is an innovative and sleek design that is both powerful and lightweight. It provides a comfortable typing experience, as well as numerous shortcuts for easy and quick access to menus and settings.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Magic Keyboard and how it can be used to enhance your iPad Pro experience.

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A floating design

The revolutionary floating design of the new Magic Keyboard on the Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro brings a new level of versatility and convenience to mobile computing. This full-sized keyboard with backlit keys and scissor switch mechanism has been designed to provide a laptop-like experience while keeping the slim profile of an iPad. Thanks to its tactile feedback, comfortable typing and adjustable angle, you’ll feel right at home when you’re at your desk or on the go.

The stable frame locks in place, allowing for hands-free operation, while magnetic attachment keeps it securely attached. What’s more, thanks to its multi-touch trackpad, you can control your apps more conveniently than ever before. And with USB-C and pass through charging ports built into it, you will always have easy access to your charger when needed.

Boasting a sleek yet durable design with a well spaced keyboard layout – this magical accessory is sure to take your productivity up several notches!

Backlit keys

The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is made from a light, durable material and provides adjustable backlit keys to support typing in any lighting condition. Backlit keyboards on mobile devices are an increasingly popular feature that allows users to type faster and more accurately in the dark or while in dimly lit settings. The backlit keys help make it easier to read characters and symbols without having to strain your eyes when typing.

The iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display is ideal for taking advantage of the backlit keys as it allows for optimal illumination of each key when illuminated. Additionally, the new Magic Keyboard case also features a built-in trackpad with gesture controls, making it easy to move around documents and webpages quickly and accurately with both touch and cursor control. This is especially useful when editing photos or videos on the iPad Pro, as you can quickly move around different aspects of your work with just a few taps of your finger on the trackpad.

The backlit keys ensure that you never miss a keystroke even under low-light conditions so you can keep working late into the night without worrying about visibility issues.


The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro features an integrated trackpad, enabling users to utilize precise cursor movements and gestures for accurate control. This trackpad design is perfect for deep-level editing, precise cursor movement and providing a smoother interface experience with compatible applications.

Furthermore, it offers multi-touch navigation that provides quick access to various functions within the iPad Pro.

This addition to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro not only reinforces its capabilities as a creative workhorse but also helps bring it closer to being a true laptop replacement. As well as providing multi-touch navigation, users can also take advantage of gesture recognition such as pinch-to-zoom, two finger scroll and more. Both speed and accuracy are improved drastically with the use of a Magic Keyboard—it’s an essential accessory for those looking to get full use out of their iPad Pro device.


The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display has a new camera that is capable of capturing amazing photos and videos. It features a 12MP ultra-wide lens that provides 2764 x 2764 resolution photos and 4K HDR video recording with 60 fps. Additionally, its TrueDepth camera system allows users to take portrait selfies and record their videos in 4K resolution with 120 fps.

Let’s explore more features of the new iPad Pro camera.

12MP Wide camera

The 12-megapixel wide camera on the new iPad Pro delivers superior performance for all your photography needs. This incredible feature has a lens with a 26 mm wide-field region, which lets you capture more of the scene and get a wide view. Its f/1.8 aperture makes it easier to take photos in low-light environments and its five-element lens construction helps you take sharper photos with less noise and distortion.

The True Tone flash and auto image stabilization offers the convenience of automated settings tailored to your environment, while Focus Pixels brings near-instant focus reaction to produce detailed, high-quality images every time. Additionally, Night mode lets you capture stunning photos even in dimly lit settings, and Deep Fusion takes better sharpness, texture detail as well as reducing noise for subtle transition detail in scenes with complex details – making it ideal for activities like street photography or contemplative landscapes.

10MP Ultra Wide camera

The 10MP “Ultra Wide” camera on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is designed to capture aspects that are larger than what’s visible in a single frame. It has a 120° field of view and can offer up to five times optical zoom. The camera also supports 4K video recording, making it suitable for those who want to create professional-quality video recordings from the comfort of their tablet.

The iPad Pro also features an advanced image stabilization system, which is useful when shooting footage or still shots with unsteady hands or in low-light settings. The Ultra Wide camera has an LED flash that can be used while taking pictures as well as a True Tone flash if face detection is enabled. As an added bonus, the iPad Pro also comes with improved audio capture capabilities, allowing users to record sound more accurately than ever before.

LiDAR Scanner

The new iPad Pro features a groundbreaking LiDAR Scanner, which provides an incredible boost to augmented reality (AR). This innovation works by using light beams emitted from the lens of the device to measure how long they take to reflect off the surfaces of things nearby in order to create a 3D depth map. It allows features such as enhanced motion tracking, auto focus and faster object identification that will revolutionize AR applications on iOS-based devices.

The LiDAR Scanner is Apple’s most advanced camera system yet, capturing up to 20 million points per second at up to 5 meters away. It’s almost instantaneous measurements are accurate down to a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring maximum accuracy in mixed reality applications. Apple’s integration of this revolutionary technology on the iPad Pro also provides unparalleled speed and fidelity when you go virtual world exploring or need a quick assist when trying out new recipes from home.

In addition, thanks to its super efficient multi-camera system, iPad Pro combines the vibrant detail of an Ultra Wide camera, the incredible low-light performance of Night Mode and Smart HDR 3 for beautiful images no matter where you are. It has also improved video capture with cinematic quality HDR video recording up to 60 fps with both front and back cameras simultaneously.


The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro from Apple boasts some serious performance gains from its Liquid Retina XDR display, powered by the A12Z Bionic chip. With the Magic Keyboard connected, you can expect an even smoother experience with a range of productivity features, allowing you to really get the most out of your device.

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