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Mastering Slots: 5 Tips for New Online Slot Players


Ever since the slot game was invented, they have been a mystery to players; even more so when they were released at online casinos. How do they work? Are there strategies to beat them?

If you are looking to learn more about online slot games, continue reading. This article will provide 5 tips that new online slot players can use to learn more about the game. You are one step closer to becoming a slot master.

Choose a Great Game

Before learning more about mastering online slots, the first place to start is by choosing a great online slot game to play. There is a reason Texas88 recommends players try out these slot gampang menang games; they are made by the best developers, have great gameplay elements like bonus rounds and free spins, and offer fair odds to players.

By just choosing to play any online slot game without doing more research about it, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Aside from not having good graphics, fun bonus features, and interactive sounds, the games themselves might not offer you a fair chance to win if they were made by fraudulent developers, hosted on fraudulent online casinos.

What is RTP?

One of the first things that you need to understand about online slot games is the RTP, or return to player percentage. Many players have a misunderstanding about what this is. They assume that it refers to how likely the slot game is to pay out. Technically, they are right, but they make a fundamental flaw about the time frame.

Return to player percentage is indeed a percentage that determines how much gets paid out to players, but it refers to the percentage of all lost bets from players. Most importantly, the RTP calculates how much of these lost bets are returned back to players over a long period, which could be as long as up to 2 years.

What is Slot Volatility?

‘While RTP is indeed important to know, the most important factor to find out about a slot game before playing it is its volatility. Slot volatility refers to how often a slot game will pay out, and how much it would pay out. There are two types of online slot games; those with low volatility and those with high volatility.

Low-volatility slot games will pay out much more frequently, but they don’t pay out a lot. High-volatility slot games on the other hand will pay out large sums of money, but much much less frequently. When choosing a slot game, you should pair the RTP with its volatility. Unless you want to win big, then you’d choose a jackpot slot game, which would be high-volatility.

There are No Slot Strategies

Of all the things that you should know about online slot games if you want to master them is that there are no strategies that can be used to increase your odds. Even though you might have seen guides instructing you to use betting patterns, such as betting low three times and then high, these don’t work.

This is because slot games use something called RNG, or random number generation. RNG is a type of software that generates thousands of number sequences every second. These numbers are associated with specific symbols of a given slot game. When you spin the reel, whatever number sequence was generated will be displayed on the screen as a combination of symbols. In other words, strategies won’t work because slot games are entirely random.

Bankroll Management and Free Spins

Finally, if you want to become a master of online slot games, you need to know how to manage your budget and you also need to take advantage of free spins. Bankroll management is key to having fun when playing an online slot game, since it will prevent you from chasing losses, which will ultimately ruin the experience.

Using free spins is also essential to having a great time when playing online slot games. Free spins allow you to earn money without spending any of your own. Always read through the wagering requirements before accepting any bonus so you know what you should do to meet them.