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Views on Tiktok Suddenly Dropping

An overwhelming majority of users argue that Tiktok suddenly dropping is not an act done by the broadcaster to attract attention. Despite this, there are still people who think otherwise.

Un-official representative Jang Jae Yul said, “After reading reports on the internet, I got in touch with Chu Ga Yeol’s agency.” He continued, “Chu Ga Yeol has no problem with his mental condition. He is perfectly fine. It was merely because he was tired so he laid down to rest.”

why did my tiktok stop getting views?

The CEO of Tiktok Lee Seok Jin said, “I do not know for certain if this is true, but it seems like the problem came from an update done by Google.” He continued, “After checking with our side, we also got in touch with Google. The update that they made directly affected the number of views. We are currently trying to resolve this problem. I apologize for not being able to answer the questions that you all have.”

This is not an act done by Chu Ga Yeol’s agency, but rather an error on the side of Google. Although they are still working out the details, Google will most likely fix the error during their weekly maintenance.

What is TikTok and what do people use it for?

TikTok, also known as Douyin overseas, is an app where people can record videos of themselves lip-syncing to various songs. People use it for a wide variety of purposes including dance covers or singing covers along with other types of videos that are trending at the time.

However, there is no word on if they will be fixing the number of likes this time around. Many people are upset about how there is no communication between TikTok and its users during these times of crisis. While it is unfortunate that Google did not catch this error before it occurred, some people are saying they cannot help but feel suspicious when you consider the timing in which the error occurred.

Why are people deleting their accounts and leaving TikTok?

After this, people started to worry about the decrease in users and decided to leave the app. According to reports, up until March 31st, it was recorded that 5 million users had left. This means that there is a possibility that many more will decide to delete their accounts as well once they figure out how to do it.

On top of this, people are even more concerned about the updates that will be done to the app since they do not know if there will be changes made on how many people can watch their videos or what kind of content is allowed.

How will this impact the app’s popularity?

This is a major hit to the app. Even if they do fix the error, this situation is going to have a big impact on how many people decide to use the app.

There are so many questions being raised right now and TikTok needs to step up and answer them as soon as they can. It is important that all of the people who use TikTok are pleased with how the app is being run since they have their livelihoods tied to it.

What other apps are competing with TikTok for users’ attention?

At the moment, South Korea’s version of TikTok is not available to use yet. However, overseas users are able to download the app on their phones and it has become popular in other parts of Asia as well.

As more people move towards using apps like Kuaishou or Vigo Video, many believe that TikTok might lose popularity in the near future.


“TikTok is becoming a problem not because of Chu Ga Yeol, but rather because of Google’s recent update. We are currently trying to resolve this issue and we hope that our users will bear with us until then.” -TikTok representative