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The easiest way to share your favorite TikTok videos on Snapchat

There are hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos available with millions of views. However, it’s rather annoying to start your own Tik Tok video on Snapchat to share 10 seconds with your friends or fans. It would be much easier if you shared the best clips from Tik Tok.

What are tik toks and snapchats, and how are they different from one another?

TikTok is a mobile app available on both android and iphone, with over 500 million users per month. This includes short videos of fifteen seconds or less, which is quite different from snapchat stories that can last up to a maximum of ten seconds. After the Tik Tok video is completed, it cannot be viewed again for another seven days.

Snapchat is a mobile app with over 187 million users per day, which includes the ability to take pictures and videos of up to ten seconds for your friends or fans to view later on. It might be difficult for many of you, but fortunately there are some web applications that can help you! These websites enable you to create your own TikTok videos and post them directly on Snapchat.

Visit the following web application links:

Web Application 1 :

Web Application 2 :

With these websites, you can create a short clip from TikTok and directly post on Snapchat! The next steps are simple: just paste your snapchat ID, select the TikTok video, and click on “Share Now”. You can also add text or doodles before posting your video.

Here are three top websites that allow you take your favorite TikTok videos and easily share them to Snapchat:

1. SnapTube

2. Clip Converter

3. ClipsMaker

SnapTube is a free video sharing website that allows you to download or convert any video on the web into a format compatible with Snapchat. When using this site, you can immediately download your TikTok video to Snapchat by converting it into mp4 format.

Clip Converter is another great website that allows you to easily convert any video from YouTube or other social media sites into an MP4 format for direct sharing on Snapchat. You can either use the social media buttons or download links to share your TikTok video directly on Snapchat.

ClipsMaker is a similar website that allows you to directly convert any TikTok videos into formats compatible with your mobile devices (including iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc.). Then all you need to do is open the respective app and upload the converted video.

All three of these websites are quick and convenient for TikTok lovers to share their favorite clips with friends or fans on Snapchat!

How to share tiktok to snapchat

Here is how it works.

TikTok has a connected official account called TikTok Official on Snapchat , which shares the five most popular Tik Tok videos every day.

Step 1: Go to the official page of TikTok on Snapchat. You can easily find it in the Search window or click here . If this is your first time seeing the screen, you should enable some functions first. Click “Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enable the application. You can tap on “Authorize” or click here to authorize it easily.

Step 3: Now you are ready to find the Best TikTok videos shared by Tik Tok Official.

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Snapchat, the world’s most popular social networking app for iPhone and Android users, is a snap to use. You can also create your own stories on Snapchat with personal photos or videos. To save your time, simply use SnapTube, ClipConverter or ClipsMaker to easily turn your favorite TikTok videos into mp4 format for sharing directly on Snapchat in seconds. You need to choose your favorite TikTok videos and download them. Then you can upload the downloaded clips directly on Snapchat in seconds!