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Duets and Reactions on Tiktok

The popular app for iOS and Android, has recently made waves in the education sphere. Dubbed “the new social media craze of our time” by TechCrunch, Duets is an app that pairs users into duos based on their musical preferences and takes requests through live chat sessions. The two members of each pair are given the same song to play at the same time, ensuring that one person does not dominate the session.

Duets has been a hit among elementary school children who have access to musical instruments and want a creative way to share their knowledge with other students from different schools. By allowing mixed-level playing, Duets allows students of various abilities to work together on difficult pieces.

how to see duets of a tiktok account

Duets has also become popular among amateur musicians who need a little creative inspiration every now and then. David Blaschke, an unemployed factory worker from Virginia said Duets “provides me with an outlet to hone my skills without the pressures of performing in front of people.”

For students with disabilities, Duets has been a great way for them to express themselves and interact with their peers.

What is TikTok and how does it work?

TikTok , a popular app that was recently acquired by the Chinese company Bytedance for $1 billion, has recently become extremely popular among teens and young adults. TikTok allows users to take 15 second videos where they lip-sync along to music and add special effects such as slow motion or fast forward. Some of these videos have become extremely popular, with one user earning 1.4 million followers in just a week.

The future of TikTok and Duets?

TikTok’s success has many stakeholders interested in how it can be integrated into the educational system. Many schools have already banned the app due to concerns about cyberbullying, but others are trying out more creative measures.

“We initially thought TikTok would only be popular for a month or two, but now we can see that it’s here to stay,” says Dr. Donaldson, head of the Department of Technology at Waynesville Elementary School in Pennsylvania. “So instead of blocking this app, which is what most schools are doing, we are trying to see how we can use it in the classroom. Our students are currently performing an experiment where they lip-sync certain sounds or animal noises.”

Duets – what are they and how do you make them?

Duets are arrangements that are made up of two synchronized parts. The duet was first used by the Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli, who wrote many compositions that included different choirs singing at the same time. Duets can be written for any type of ensemble, but are especially popular among wind groups because they work well with instruments like saxophones or flutes

Others, like saxophonist Kamasi Washington, write their own duets. “You never know what new knowledge you can learn from someone until you share their passion with your own.” Says Washington. “I feel like I am constantly learning something new when I perform my own duets with other musicians.”

Tips for filming duets and reactions on TikTok?

TikTok duet videos are incredibly fun to make, but it takes a little bit of creativity and some technical know-how. The following are 5 tips for filming your own TikTok duets:

1. Find the perfect location – this is not something you can ignore, as proper lighting makes all the difference between a good video and a bad one.

2. Put on some great music – when making duets, it is important to learn how to sync your lip-syncing with the beat of whatever music you are playing.

3. Use different angles – it’s important to switch up the shots for variety so you don’t lose the attention of your viewers after a few seconds.

4. Add some special effects – one of TikTok’s best features is its ability to add cool video effects in real time.


Duets are not only fun, but they can be very therapeutic. Encourage your students to try making duets on TikTok and see what kinds of creations you can come up with!