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Must Try Spribe Casino Games


Spribe is a creative and forward-thinking software provider that develops fun and captivating casino games and iGaming solutions for the gambling sector. The company opened in 2018 and has 18 gambling licenses worldwide.

This means that when you play games by this provider, they have passed all security and fairness tests. Spribe has over 20 games that fall under two main games categories:

  • Turbo Games
  • Poker and Skills Games

The company’s flagship game is the Aviator casino game, but that’s not the only game we recommend. Here are a few games Spribe created that are popular in many online casinos.


One of the most played games by Spribe and a part of the Turbo games subcategory is the Aviator casino game. It was made for cryptocurrency casinos and offers a 97% Return to Player (RTP). The main character in this social multiplayer game, Aviator, is a plane in flight on an expanding curve.

The multiplier scale starts to increase at the beginning of the round. Before the plane takes off, players must cash out and, depending on the multiplier level, claim any wins. If the plane flies away before you pay out, you lose your initial wager.

Unlike other casino games, Aviator is unique. Through its in-game chat component, it includes social features and makes users a member of a community. For total transparency, all outcomes and game data are shown in-game.


Plinko originates from the famous American TV game show The Price Is Right. The game has an RTP of 97% and is straightforward to play. Players select their preferred bet value and set the multiplier ranges by choosing the green, yellow, or red buttons.

Pressing the Spin button makes a disc fall from the top of the board. Pegs and the side walls deflect the disc as it falls to land on one of the bottom multipliers. Players can also adjust the number of pins on the board to set the game’s difficulty level.


Goal is a 97% RTP variant of the classic Windows PC Minesweeper game. Players must estimate the right path across the grid to finish with a goal. Every line has a bomb that players must steer clear of or risk being “blown up.”

The payment multiplier rises with each tile that is exposed. After each accurate prediction, players can cash out and collect their prizes. Players can select their favorite multiplier and odds by changing the field size. The maximum payout in this game is 9.033829x your stake.


The Backgammon game Spribe offers has five versions; European, Georgian, Long, Hyper, and Spin Game. It is a multiplayer game created as an improvement over the standard backgammon games seen at online casinos.

The different game options affect how many players and rounds are involved. Regardless of your chosen version, the rules are identical to any traditional backgammon game. The objective is to advance your white or black chips to the home base before the opposing player.


Originating from the eSports industry, Hotline is a fast and engaging game with a chance to win up to 1056x your original Bet. This game also has a 97% RTP and straightforward gameplay.

Players place their bets and choose if the reel will land on RED, BLACK, or HOT by clicking the relevant button. This game reminds us of a very simplified version of Roulette. You can also choose to activate the high volatility mode for increased multipliers.

Ready For the Latest Technology Trends

The games from Spribe are distinguished from other online games by their cutting-edge features and engagement mechanisms, such as multiplayer capabilities and social components.

All of the games that Spribe creates use provably fair technology by operating on the blockchain. This means you can bet on them using fiat or cryptocurrencies and check the results of each round using blockchain technology.

Spribe aims to develop innovative games that will have a significant commercial impact. The business’s management staff has extensive experience running online casinos. As a consequence, it fulfills the requirements of both casinos and gamers.