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How to Win Against Insurance Adjusters


Whenever an accident claim is filed, insurance companies hire officials known as claims adjusters. Their primary duty is to ensure that the company pays out as little money as possible.

You have the right to a fair settlement, and personal injury lawyers play a crucial role in it. This article will educate you about the adjuster’s role as well as talk about proactive steps to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Who is a Claims Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster works for your insurance company. They look into your claim to see if it’s real and how much the company should pay you.

They use your insurance policy to decide these things. Their job is to make sure the company pays what’s fair, but that often means trying to give you the least amount of money possible.

The Tricks Insurance Adjusters Have Up Their Sleeves

Let’s take a look at the most common games insurance adjusters play in a bid to con you into getting less money:

Making Quick Offers

An insurance adjuster can tell if you’re overwhelmed by an accident’s stress. They will swoop in with a fast offer that is nowhere near what you really deserve.

They will term it a “hassle-free” solution, but they are only trying to capitalize on your vulnerability and get you to settle for much less than your claim is worth.

Avoiding Communication

These adjusters often intentionally make it hard for you to reach them. They might ignore your calls, put you on hold, or even respond to your messages after long intervals.


They do all of this to make you discouraged or to make you abandon your claim altogether.

Delayed Negotiations

When you refuse the first offer (as you should), the adjuster will sometimes begin to drag their feet on the negotiation process, hoping your financial strain will eventually force you to accept their initial offer.

Shifting The Blame

Did someone hit your car? The adjuster might try to twist things around and get you to admit that it was partly your fault. If your state follows the comparative negligence rule, this might reduce the amount of money they have to pay you.

How You Can Beat Them and Secure a Favorable Outcome

And now, here’s how you can beat them at their own game:

Thoroughly Assess And Understand Your Policy

Read your insurance policy carefully and understand what it covers and what limits it might have. That way, you can speak confidently about your rights when discussing your claim.

Never Settle For The First Offer, They Can Offer More

The first offer is almost always low. Remember, adjusters are looking out for the company’s bottom line. Be prepared to politely push back and negotiate for a fair settlement that reflects the true cost of the damage. If you don’t feel up to the task, relax and let your lawyer handle everything.

Keep Very Detailed Records

Keep copies of everything. Photos of the damage, repair estimates, police reports, and receipts for temporary fixes – gather it all. This paperwork helps prove your case and makes it harder for them to deny your claim.

Don’t Be Fooled By Their Friendliness

Adjusters can be very nice and helpful. But remember, they work for the insurance company, not you.


Be polite when you speak to them, but don’t let their friendliness make you feel pressured to accept a bad deal.

Follow Up With Their Delay Tactics

If the adjuster is taking forever to respond or process your claim, don’t just sit back and wait. Call them regularly and follow up on emails. This way, you can show them that you really mean business.


Dealing with insurance companies can be very tricky, and if you’re not careful, you might only get a small amount of what you deserve.

It’s always a good idea to step back and let your lawyers take them on. You can rest assured that these lawyers are fighting for you and will not rest until you get a full settlement.