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How the Choice of Platform Affects the Promotion of an Online Store


Experts in website development and promotion unanimously say that you can make a massive mistake at the very start of a project: choosing the wrong CMS for an online store. In an attempt to save money, budding Internet entrepreneurs assemble their portals using construction kits and are very satisfied. At the beginning of work, problems may not arise, but the wrong choice of system will make itself felt when the time comes to promote the site. Therefore, it is better to immediately work with platforms optimized for creating an online store. For example, find a company that works with Magento and provides Magento 2 migration services. We are ready to tell you why choosing a CMS is essential for promotion.

The system must be SEO-friendly

There is a legend among optimization and contextual advertising specialists that Google does not care what platform the site is created on; the main thing is that its algorithms are like it. Some people believe in this legend, while others believe that each CMS has its own degree of CEO friendliness. The higher this degree, the easier and more effective the site is promoted in search results and rises in the position of contextual advertising.

URL canonicity

If the platform has established canonicity, it will be more convenient to work with it. It allows you to avoid creating duplicate pages. When making a website, repetitions may seem unimportant at the initial stage.


But Google will pay attention to them when its robots come to the site and scan it. Firstly, the speed of such a portal drops significantly. Secondly, a site with many duplicates cannot be brought to the TOP. Of course, the situation can be corrected by adding a “head” tag, but this is a lot of additional work.

Ability to create metadata

If the CMS does not allow you to create the title and description, this isn’t good for promotion. For SEO and contextual advertising, these tags are equally necessary. Using keywords, proper structure, and length will attract Google’s attention. You can use plugins if the platform does not allow you to register this data. But they also overload the site and slow it down. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately choose a system that will allow you to generate tags yourself.

Ability to track metrics

The use of metrics and analytics services is the basis of professional promotion. Not all systems allow the integration of these services, which means it is impossible to obtain a whole range of beneficial data:

  • site traffic;
  • number of targeted actions on the site;
  • the success of advertising campaigns;
  • analyze the growth and decline of traffic to the site when changes are made.


The indicators for analysis can be constantly changed and selected depending on the advertising campaign’s or promotional event’s goals.

There are many indicators based on which to choose a system for an online store. We have identified only the two most basic ones; standard optimization is only possible with them.

If a portal is created with the prospect that it will become a large and reputable business sooner or later, the stage of work involved in choosing a CMS should be addressed.