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Different Ways to Win Money Online With Games


If you’re a games lover, there’ll be nothing better than earning money just by doing something you’d do anyway. But did you know that it is actually possible to win money online with games? It’s true. We live in an age of an untold number of possibilities and, in the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of a number of money-spinning options that players can use to pad their bank accounts.

In this post, we’ll run through some of the different ways to win money online with games. Many of them involve playing directly, while others involve tapping into the lucrative online gaming industry in specific ways. Either way, get started today, and you should be topping up your rainy day fund pretty soon.

Win Money Playing Classic Games

If you’re of a certain age, then you’ll remember just how popular solitaire was back in the 90s. The game was included free on Windows devices, which meant that many of us spent lots of hours trying to complete the game when we should have been working.

Solitaire provided fun back then, but today you can put all those hours of experience to good use and perhaps even win yourself some cash. There are websites that offer the chance to enter free and paid tournaments that have a cash prize. You’ll be playing against other players, though, so you’ll have to bring your A-game!

Fantasy Sports

If you love games and sports, then joining a fantasy sports league will be just what you’re looking for. Participating in fantasy sports involves picking select players from a league and then hoping they perform well in the upcoming matchday. You’ll receive points based on their performance, and if you finish towards the top at the end of the season, you’ll win a prize. There are both free and paid fantasy leagues out there, with the most lucrative leagues offering cash prizes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You’ll find leagues for most major sports, so it’s best to select one that you follow religiously, which will give you the best chance of making tactical decisions to select the right players for the job.

Play Spin Games

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then you’ll have seen those long rows of slot machines in the city’s famous casinos. Today, the most forward-thinking and innovative games are found online. They offer a chance to win grand prizes for relatively low stakes, and you can even get started with some free spins by claiming a casino offer from OddsChecker. There are thousands of slot games to choose from and new ones are coming out all the time, so you should have no trouble finding one that’s in line with your interests.

Mobile Games That Reward You

Another way to make money by playing games online is to take a share of the profits that game developers make from mobile games. There are apps that allow you to play external games from within the application. The more you play, the more you earn. It works on a point system, which you achieve by reaching different levels of play based on the amount of time you’ve spent playing.


This isn’t a way to earn a second income — think of it more as a way to earn small amounts of cash (or sometimes vouchers for websites like Amazon) for something that you’d be doing anyway. If you’ve committed to playing a couple of hours of games on your mobile, you may as well walk away with money for a coffee in your pocket.

Cash For Games, Surveys, And Watching Videos

You may have heard of sites like Swagbucks, which rewards users for participating in surveys and watching videos. In recent years, sites like those have begun including games in their ways to earn. Like the apps that give you money for playing games, you won’t earn significant amounts via this method, but if you have time to kill then it’s a good way to pad out your vacation fund.

Test Up-and-Coming Games

If you’re not too bothered about the types of games you play, then you could look into testing up-and-coming games. Developers need feedback for their games before they release them to the wider public, and they’re more than happy to pay people to provide that feedback.

You can earn a decent amount of money this way, with many developers paying around $100 for a certain number of playing hours. You will need to be ready to give feedback, however, which is what you’re really being paid for.

Teach Others How to Play

If you’re an experienced gamer and have a knack for teaching, then you could earn a sizable part-time income coaching others how to play video games. There are a few caveats, however. The first is that you must be truly good at a game, and the second is that you must be good at a game that others want to learn how to play. So, niche titles are probably out.

Still, there are websites that allow you to advertise your offering, and with the average video game coaching rate standing at $30 an hour, you could quickly find that your bank balance is filling up.

Become a Streamer

There are multiple ways to make money through gaming, including both direct and indirect ways. Becoming a streamer falls under the ‘indirect’ category. If you’ve been following gaming culture in recent years, you’ll know just how popular streaming on sites such as Twitch has become. If you can tap into the market, then you’ll have the chance to get a slice of the pie in the form of advertisements, promotions, and appearances.


Becoming a successful streamer is not easy, but it is possible. The main determining factor will be your personality. This is typically more important than your gaming skills, since people will be tuning in to hear your commentary and insights. Keep viewers entertained, and they’ll keep coming back to your channel for more, which means you’ll slowly but surely build an audience of committed viewers.

Final Tip: Create Your Own Game!

Finally, if you love games, are creative, and have technical experience (or know people who do), then you could consider creating your own game. The online gaming industry is huge at the moment, and it’s only expected to become even bigger in the coming years. If you strike upon the next viral game, then you won’t be looking at adding some loose change to your bank account; you could earn a significant sum of money. It’s best to go into video game creation for reasons of passion rather than the expectation that you’ll get rich — but you never know!


We truly are living in the golden age of gaming. Not only can you enjoy some of the most innovative and forward-thinking games and technology on the market, but you can also take your passion and use one of the above ways to make some money. Indeed, if you took all of the tips that we’ve outlined above onboard, then you may find that you can turn your love of gaming into your full-time job, and what could be better than that?