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Most Popular Pokemon that are not Dragons

There are over 700 different types of Pokemon, and you know that they’re not all dragons. And yet it seems like every single game has the same type-a dragon! But there’s plenty to be found outside of those fierce creatures. Let’s take a look at some other popular types of Pokemon that aren’t dragons.

What Pokemon isn’t a Dragon Type?

The answer to the question is simple-there are plenty of types of Pokemon that don’t include dragons. Some of the most popular ones that come to mind are water types, like Blastoise and Gyarados. Grass types like Venusaur are also fan favorites. And then there are the Psychic types, like Mew and Alakazam. So many great options exist outside of the dragon type, so don’t be afraid to explore!

Mew Tew

Mew is a Psychic type Pokemon, and it’s the focus of this article. Mew’s name has been interpreted as being derived from “myth”, meaning that it might be an ancient Pokemon that hasn’t been discovered yet. It could also mean that there are more types of Mew out there waiting to be found.

In any case, Mew is one of the most popular non-dragon types of Pokemon!


Blastoise is a water type Pokemon that was introduced in the first generation of games. It’s a bipedal turtle with a large shell on its back. Inside the shell are two cannons that can be used to shoot powerful blasts of water.

Blastoise is often used by trainers as a powerhouse in battle, and it’s one of the most popular water type Pokemon around.


Gyarados is another water type Pokemon that has taken the world by storm. It’s a serpentine dragon with an immense power to match its looks. Gyarados are notorious for their rage, and will turn into a stronger color depending on their mood-red being the angriest.

As one of the most popular water type Pokemon, Gyarados is tough to take down in battle.


Venusaur is a grass type Pokemon that has the ability to change the earth it steps on. It’s a flower that has grown wings and can shoot seeds from its mouth. Venusaur evolved from Ivysaur, who looks less like a flowery vine and more like a caterpillar.

Both Venusaur and Ivysaur are loved for their unique looks as well as their abilities, but they’re also known for being among the most popular non-dragon types of Pokemon.


Alakazam is a Psychic type Pokemon that was introduced in the first generation of games. It has the ability to read minds and is often used by trainers in battle for its powerful psychic attacks.

Alakazam is a highly sought-after Pokemon due to its rarity and strength, and it’s considered one of the best Psychic types around.

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The world of Pokemon is vast, with over 700 different types to choose from. And yet it seems that all the games are just filled with dragons! But there’s plenty more out there-and you should explore them instead of sticking to what you think will work.  The most popular non-dragon type of Pokemon include water types like Blastoise and Gyarados as well as grass types such as Venusaur and Ivysaur. Psychic type Pokemon like Mew and Alakazam also have their own following among trainers looking for something new in battle strategy.  If you’re not sure which one might be right for your team, take a look at this article on some other great options outside the dragon classification!