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Destiny 2’s elemental burn

Destiny 2 introduced many new changes to the game, but one of these is not sitting well with fans. The community is up in arms over this change, calling it an unnecessary requirement that causes more harm than good. Destiny 2 players are calling out Bungie about Destiny 2’s elemental burn. What exactly did Destiny 2 change?

Many of the requirements in Destiny 2 are making fans unhappy, but there is one that’s really getting under their skin. Elemental burn was originally seen as a tool that would keep things fair and balanced by reducing the amount of damage done to players using sub-par weapons. But it seems Bungie has gone overboard with this new version of elemental burn.

How to get elemental burn destiny 2

The original elemental burn would come into play when players were using weapons that dealt kinetic damage, or energy. When playing Destiny 2 against an opponent with an elemental burn, the player being attacked would have their weapon damage reduced by 50%. Damage over time effects are also negated under this effect. The level of resistance was increased depending on which type of elemental burn the opponent was using, with a second tier introduced at a level three burn.

In the original Destiny, players could have a second elemental burn added to their weapon by using a different elemental damage type on a different piece of gear. For instance, fire burns would allow players to add a solar burn onto their weapons or armor. Solar and Void burns both stacked on top of each other, allowing for one additional tier of resistance over the base level.

Destiny 2’s elemental burn, however, doesn’t work that way. Instead of using a different elemental damage type to add an additional burn, players now have to equip a special piece of armor that will add the burn to their character.

Elemental burn destiny 2

This new requirement has been met with a lot of criticism, as it forces players to equip something they may not want or need just to have an advantage in the game. Bungie’s reasoning for this change was that it would help keep the game fair and balanced by reducing the amount of damage done by weapons that deal sub-par damage. But many fans are calling this an unnecessary requirement that causes more harm than good, as it forces players to equip armor they might not be happy with just to have a slight advantage.

With this new system in place, players now have no choice but to equip the appropriate piece of gear if they want to deal any elemental damage. The game prevents them from using a different damage type to add the burn. There’s also no way to remove the burn either, as it will remain on through death and all activities. Bungie says this was done as a balancing fix, as they didn’t want players just stacking up burns then becoming immune from any damage from other players.

But many fans disagree with this decision, feeling that it takes away some of the excitement and variety from the game. They argue that it’s not fun having to equip something they might not want or need, especially when it doesn’t offer any benefits outside of the elemental burn.

Others feel that this requirement doesn’t add anything to the game, especially when players can just stack up on top of the burn and become invulnerable. This new system, they argue, just creates more frustration and takes away from the overall experience.

Bungie was asked directly about the possibility of removing the burn requirements, but they made it clear that this is not something they plan on changing. They also argued that since players can equip three different burns at once, there’s no way for them to become invulnerable anyway.