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What are Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers?

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Apple has recently announced its AirTag Bluetooth trackers, allowing users to track their cherished possessions. This technology has been around for a few years, but Apple’s version is particularly impressive for its ability to track items accurately and discreetly. In addition to the iOS app, AirTag will also be getting an Android app, making it a great choice for mobile operating system users.

Let’s take a closer look at how these trackers work and how to get the most out of them:

Overview of Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers

Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers are a new product released by Apple in 2020 that makes it easier for users to locate and protect their belongings. Using the Apple Maps app and a compatible iOS device, these tiny trackers can attach to almost anything and keep track of its whereabouts. The app also includes features such as notifications when items are moved or potentially lost and the ability to add friends or family members who can help search for a misplaced item. Additionally, with its low-power technology, Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers’ battery life extends up to one year on a single charge.

Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers come in four colours – white, black, pink, and blue – and each unit contains two buttons for easy access. Once connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth technology, the trackers are immediately trademarked with your name and photo to ensure full protection of your belongings. To ensure highly accurate location tracking down to 10 metres away from an iOS device through varying terrains like dense urban areas or remote country roads, the Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers employ ultra-wideband technology specifically designed localised positioning systems (LPS). The long-range connectivity capabilities accompany advanced data routing algorithms so you won’t miss any detail when it comes time to locate your belongings or have them returned safely by another individual on the network.


Apple’s Bluetooth trackers, also known as AirTags, are an exciting way to keep track of your belongings. This cutting-edge technology allows users to locate and locate Apple devices using Bluetooth and UWB technology. These trackers are incredibly powerful, boasting impressive features such as a precision finding mode and an integrated LED light for finding items in dark areas.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Apple’s Bluetooth trackers so impressive:

Tile-style Tracking

Tile-style tracking devices like the Apple AirTag, an ultra-wideband (UWB) tracker with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, make it easier to keep track of your possessions. As long as your device is within its range – around 100 feet – you can use the Tile app to locate it by its ringtone, or if it’s further away, you can use Apple’s Find My app or the Tile app itself to narrow down its last known location.

Apple’s AirTags are small and come with removable covers so they can be customised or attached to almost any item. They also have Bluetooth enabled that helps keep track of its range and allows you to assign a name and photo using iCloud so it’s easier to manage multiple items. In addition, these tags come with a handy key ring attachment for easy transport.

The Tile Pro Style Trackers offer superior sound quality compared to the Tile Pro Style Trackers due to their larger size and louder audio speakers. In addition, they feature replaceable batteries that can last up to one year depending on usage. They also offer two-way Find My integration in case something goes missing from outside the Bluetooth range of your iPhone or iPad.

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All in all, Apple’s advanced tracking technology helps provide peace of mind for those who want an easy way of keeping tabs on their objects – whether left out in the car, taken on errands – or used at home where multiple family members may need access. Additionally, thanks to compatibility with EcoDots – a competing model boasting longer battery life–users have additional options when purchasing a tracker device for their needs.

Find My App

Apple’s Bluetooth trackers are special tags that you attach to frequently misplaced items, such as your keys. With Apple’s Find My app, users can easily keep track of their belongings and find them whenever they misplace them.

When a tracked item is lost, you can use Find My as an alternate way to search for the item. Through Bluetooth technology, the tag can send its location information to any nearby Apple devices and alert you when it’s within range.

The Find My app works with other products such as MacBooks, iPads, AirPods Max and iPhones running iOS 13.6 or later. It uses two key features – People and Devices Locator – to help users precisely pinpoint their tagged items in case they are lost or stolen.

The People feature allows users to locate friends who have used it in real-time on a map displayed on their apple device. You will be able to get notifications once a tagged item has been found with this feature set on your device’s settings.

The Devices Locator allows users to see where the lost object was last seen before its signal fades out or shuts off due to low battery levels. In addition, the app records places visited 24 hours before the signal was last detected up until it disappeared from view – giving plenty of time for recovering possessions in case they get lost or moved around unknowingly by another person or animal.

Android App

Apple’s Bluetooth trackers come with the free Tile app for Android, which is available on the Google Play Store. The Tile app makes it easy and quick to find your belongings paired to the trackers.

When one or more items equipped with a tracker move out of range, you can use the app to make your Tile ring. You can also check its last known location and see it on a map if it’s within Bluetooth range. All tiles will then be listed at their last-known locations in a single view so you can quickly identify which item needs to be tracked down.

Furthermore, you can invite others to join your Tile network if those items are often shared or need multiple users to activate when lost or stolen.


Apple’s impressive Bluetooth trackers, known as AirTag, are a great way to remotely monitor and locate your belongings. AirTag is small and lightweight, making it easy to attach to bags, wallets, keys and other items. It is powered by Apple’s U1 chip and proximity-based technology, so you can track your items with your iPhone. It also allows you to customise settings, like playing sounds to help you find misplaced items. Android users can soon access Apple’s AirTag trackers through the Find My app.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of Apple’s Bluetooth trackers:

Battery Life

The battery life of Apple’s Bluetooth trackers depends on the type of tracker and the usage. AirTags are fitted with a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery, which is said to last up to one year before you need to change it. Tile Pro and Tile Mate also use a user-replaceable CR1632 battery but have a longer life span at three years.

Tile Slim uses a non-removable battery, estimated to be powered for up to three years. The AirTag and Tile Pro will show an on screen notification when the battery needs to be replaced. With the Tile Slim, you’ll need to check its “battery level” from its smartphone app from time to time; when the level drops under 20%, you’ll need to replace it with a new one – available from Apple stores or other approved retailers.


Apple’s Bluetooth trackers range up to 150 feet, meaning that the tracker can communicate with your device within 150 feet of your smartphone. In addition, it can communicate with devices from a longer distance outdoors or in an open space compared to indoors in narrower spaces with thicker walls and partitions.

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It is best practice to place the tracker close to your device when you want to immediately find it.


Apple’s Bluetooth trackers are compatible with various Apple devices running iOS 13.3 or later, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is also compatible with Macs running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later and with some Apple Watches running watchOS 6.0 or later. As for other devices, these trackers will work fine with any Bluetooth-enabled device that supports Low Energy Peripheral Mode (BLE).

Furthermore, the tracking is divided into two methods: passive and active tracking. Both rely on the same hardware components but use different positioning algorithms to locate your item from different distances. The passive tracking involves scanning for signals emitted by nearby Bluetooth-enabled accessories. In contrast, active tracking enables precise localization through local Wi-Fi networks and other ICT infrastructure systems with internet access enabled within their range of connectivity.


Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers are a revolutionary way to keep track of your items. With this technology, you can quickly and easily find your keys, wallets and other valuables in a matter of seconds. Moreover, with the upcoming Android app, you can use the same technology to track your items no matter your smartphone.

In this article, we will explore the different benefits of Apple’s Bluetooth trackers:

Easy to Use

Apple’s Bluetooth trackers make it easy to locate and keep track of important belongings. They are small and lightweight, easily fitting into pockets or fastening on clothing or keychains. They can be attached to frequently misplaced items such as wallets, backpacks, purses, luggage, TVs, and gaming controllers. Thanks to the wide range of custom accessory kits available for the Apple trackers, users can reach their personal tracking needs without worrying about anything else.

The Bluetooth tracker is connected to an app on a user’s iOS device using Bluetooth Low Energy with a connection range of up to 200 feet (60 metres). When the item the tracker is connected with is lost out of range (this could be down the sofa or in between a crack), notices are sent through notifications on the iOS device. In addition, users can find their item by tapping an “Alert Me” button and following loud audio instructions from nearby accessories containing built-in speakers (e.g., headphones and speakers). Suppose any bluetooth-compatible mobile device moves in range of this lost item while these audio instructions are playing. In that case, their owners will issue follow-me notifications until they find their belongings again.

The simple Apple tracking system is user friendly and intuitive. Once set up properly with its accessories – two AA batteries should last up to one year before replacing them – it will operate without fail 24/7 without interruption or maintenance from its owners beyond battery changes when needed.


Apple Bluetooth Trackers are a convenient and affordable way to keep track of your valuables. Using low-energy Bluetooth technology, Apple’s small, coin-sized trackers use the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to help you locate lost items. When an item is misplaced, you’ll get an alert and can use the map feature to pinpoint its location on a map. You can even play a sound if you’re close enough to hear it – perfect for when something is just out of sight.

For added convenience, Apple also offers tag packs that allow users to connect several trackers at once to the same account and easily switch between them. This makes it even easier to keep up with your frequently used items. Plus, with affordable orders starting around $30 for four tags and discounts for buying multiple packs at once, Apple’s Bluetooth Trackers are almost too good to pass up!

Multiple Tracking Options

Apple’s Bluetooth trackers make it easy to keep important items in order using the Find My iPhone app or iCloud. With their small and lightweight design, these trackers can be easily attached to everyday items such as backpacks, purses, wallets, keys or even pets. In addition, they are always connected to your phones so that you can be alerted when the item is moved the least – even if you’re walking away from them.

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The devices also provide multiple tracking options depending on what you need them for. For example, you can choose a basic mode that sends a notification if the object is moved; an alert mode which causes a beep to sound if movement is detected and a lost mode to help you find an item that’s out of earshot by activating sound alerts and showing its location on the map.

Other features include:

  • Geofencing notifications that let you know when your item moves outside of range.
  • A travel history log so you can see how much time was spent with it while signed in with your account.


Apple’s Bluetooth trackers are a great way to keep track of your belongings and stay organised. One of the most impressive features of these trackers is the ability to easily locate items within a short range. And with the upcoming Android app, Android users will be able to use them too. This makes Apple’s Bluetooth trackers even more versatile and useful.

Apple’s Impressive Bluetooth Trackers Will Get an Android App

The impressive Bluetooth trackers from Apple, AirTag, have arrived in the market with great reception. These small and circular devices offer incredible range and accuracy to help you easily locate valuable items. And now the company is extending even greater capabilities to users with an Android app.

The new app will allow users to take advantage of the AirTag’s “Precision Finding” feature that lets you detect the exact location of your item even when it’s hidden in thick shrubs or dense foliage. To do this, AirTag uses augmented reality (AR) and mapping technology, displaying an overlay on a photo of your environment with a line pointing toward your missing item.

The Android app for AirTag also includes two new features; one called Alerts that notifies the user when their tracker isn’t moving for three days, and another feature called Lost Mode, which allows you to enter contact information so people who find lost items can reach out to you if they come across them.

The new Android app for Apple’s impressive Bluetooth trackers helps leverage more power from these small yet incredibly powerful tracking devices. With more features and easier access to multiple ecosystems, these trackers have become must-have items for anyone who treasures their possessions and wants the ability to locate them at any time.

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